Backstage with the Magician


In the Backstage with the Magician illusion, the audience is presented with the rare opportunity to witness a deception unfold as if it is carried out from the ‘backstage’ perspective. The Magician performs this illusion with his back to the house, and the gallery of eager onlookers watches as a female Assistant sneaks from the inside of one box into another. The spectators believe they are catching a secret glimpse into the mysteries of this illusion, but they are mistaken. In the end, the assembled patrons are surprised to discover the female Assistant they have been following has completely vanished and has been simultaneously replaced by a man.

In keeping with the theme, the platform features an I-beam gantry to lift one box into another, allowing the Magician to perform this illusion without additional stage crew.

Great corporate presentation, which can feature an appearance of a company executive.
A single trigger activates all eight doors to open simultaneously for the final reveal.

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