Dancing Pillow Bed by Don Wayne

The scene opens onstage with a bed and a pair of side tables.
The Magician enters, shows a pillow to the audience, and places it on the bed. The pillow magically comes to life. At first, it performs a dance on the bed. The Magician picks up the pillow and places it on the headboard where it continues to shimmy back and forth. The pillow can vanish under the bed sheet and reappear from either drawer in the side table. Finally the Magician places the pillow under the bed sheet where it maintains the boogie. The Magician pulls away the sheet, and the pillow has magically transformed into the Assistant.

Many routines and sequences are possible with the illusion. Also available is an additional automated pillow that dances in the Magician’s hands or while placed on the floor away from the bed. The bed is constructed from aluminum and scenic painted to appear as a modern wood bed. Rechargeable batteries power the lights, so no on-stage power cord is needed. For storage backstage, the headboard folds down and the bed can be tipped up on end, giving it an extremely small backstage footprint.

*Includes Don Wayne performance rights.

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