John Taylor’s Suspended Animation

John Taylor’s Suspended Animation is now available through Illusion Projects with two new artistic designs by Tim Clothier: a Steampunk version and an Industrial style. In addition, both Illusion Projects Suspended Animation models can be outfitted with one of three methods: an upright post load, a see-through post load, or an open post/no load. Each method has been created to be interchangeable – meaning the Magician can purchase all three methods and switch them out to fit any type of venue or performance space.

* Powder-Coated and Hand-Applied Scenic Finishes
* Color Coordinated Rose Brand Cloth
* Packs Small
* Easy Set-Up/Tear-Down and Method Conversion

An Assistant is sealed within a clear case, elevated upon a slender pedestal. The Magician covers the see-through box with fabric, pointing to the still visible hand of the Assistant. Almost instantly, and certainly unexpectedly, (utilizing John Taylor’s original cloth handling technique) the Magician changes places with the Assistant. The Assistant then rips the fabric off the box, revealing the Magician who is now enclosed within.

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