Tim Clothier’s Mid-Air Vanish

The Magician, Cast Members, or Corporate Clients are locked inside a large, aluminum box, which is hoisted high into the air. When the box reaches the maximum height of its elevation, the sides of the box fall open, and every person inside has vanished. Everyone reappears, unharmed, in another illusion or at the back of the audience.

Tim Clothier’s Mid-Air Vanish is available in the original version, requiring a stage hoist system mounted in the theater’s rigging. This illusion is now also available as a stand-alone version, which uses a self-contained hoist system, making this vanish able to be performed almost anywhere. The additional gantry system can easily maneuvered with the prop into any position.

Both the stand-alone version of Tim Clothier’s Mid-Air Vanish and Tim Clothier’s Original Mid-Air can be fitted with optional pyrotechnics which explode at the moment the doors fall open, revealing the vanish.

All versions are available in several color and artistic design options.

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