Tim Clothier’s Shoe Machine

The classic burned-and-restored shoe routine has been reborn with a Tim Clothier twist. Special Thanks to Steve Hart for allowing Illusion Projects to use Wiz-Kote as inspiration for Tim Clothier’s Shoe Machine.

The Magician brings a kid volunteer onstage and borrows a single shoe for an automated cleaning demonstration. After placing the shoe in Tim Clothier’s Shoe Machine, the kid takes charge of the operation via the control panel. Switching it on, the gears begin to turn, the lights blink, and the mechanized arms wielding brushes jump into action. As the Magician is explaining all the amazing things happening inside the Shoe Machine, it begins to smoke profusely. The walls of the machine break open automatically and the smoke clears revealing a charred and ruined shoe.
As a consolation for ruining the shoe, the Magician offers the kid a box hanging from the ceiling. The kid unlocks and opens the box himself, revealing the kid’s original shoe magically restored.

*Remote Controlled
*Battery Powered

Tim Clothier’s Shoe Machine is also available as Tim Clothier’s iPhone Machine

Starting at $6,000 plus shipping
(ATA case $700)

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