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Magic on Ice

Magic on Ice

Illusion Projects has been proud to collaborate with Wheeler productions to design and build illusions and prop pieces for Magic on Ice since 2009.

Magic On IceMagic on Ice “ILUSIO” is the critically acclaimed ice spectacular that has entertained millions of people across America, Europe and Asia and the Middle East. A unique fusion of ice skating, illusion, and performance art is incorporated into a thrilling series of larger than life magical moments. Steve Wheeler has created a fusion of dynamic skating routines with bold acts of imaginative illusion, all blended together with sounds and lighting effects never seen before. The show features original illusions created and designed by Steve Wheeler that include the Tree, Globe, Emergence and the Raven Cage.

The Tree illusion was built by Illusion Projects as a giant functional piece of art and illusion. The effect required the prop to rotate with cast members on board and work from rechargeable battery power in the middle of the ice. Illusion Projects custom designed a turntable system with a custom programmed DC motor controller that allowed the speed, acceleration and direction to be controlled by 2 hidden joysticks on the prop that could be used by the performers.

Illusion Projects hand crafted the globe illusion from artistic, twisted metal rods and thermo formed plastic creating the 6 petals. The Globe had to be translucent to create shadow effects inside and have on board lighting powered by the props battery system. The globe opens and closes with individual DC actuators operating each petal to create a beautiful blooming flower effect as it opens and closes.

Emergence features a large CNC cut Plexiglas and aluminum disc that flies from a steel cradle and single point hoist. The unit was designed to allow performers to spin the prop in the air to give the audience a full view around the illusion while it is being performed. The unit was built at the Illusion Projects shop then rigged and tested at Flying by Foy in Las Vegas.

Steve Wheeler’s vision for the Raven Cage illusion required Illusion Projects to crate large skeleton aluminum wings to wrap around the cage. The tops of the wings included propane flame bars and the wings were operated on a mechanical system to lower and raise them during performance. The cage was built to be flown from a single top pick point and the legs included custom designed caster wheels cut on the Illusion Projects CNC machine.

Location: World Tour
Date: 11/2009 – Present
The Illusion starring Eun-gyeol Lee