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Name That Tune

Name That Tune

Name That Tune was Imperial Palace’s fun, fast-paced and interactive live stage-show update of the classic Name That Tune game show. Up to 100 audience members were selected to participate in the first round of the game. The first person to buzz in and name a song title could move on to the next round. In round two, contestants went head to head in a Bid-a-Second game where they had to guess a song based on clues in the fastest time. Round three put five contestants against each other as ten songs were played in thirty seconds and the contestant who was able to name the most scrambled tunes moved on to the final round. In the nail biting Beat the Clock round, the finalist’s skills were put to the ultimate test as they tried to name fifteen songs in a minute or less. Fabulous prizes included an all-expenses paid cruise, a brand new car or $10,000 in cash.

Illusion Projects collaborated with SPI Entertainment and creative director Doug Leferovich to build the large pieces for the show. The score cubes were mechanical cubes that could spin manually on a ratchet latch system each time a contestant got a point. Each set of contestants had to be changed out quickly and the score cubes were designed to quickly reset.

The white boards were built to nest together backstage for storage. Fabricated from aluminum with powder coated finishes, the white boards were angled for the contestants to easily write on, and then they could quickly unlatch, pivot to vertical and spin around to reveal the written answers.

The mash up board was a hanging piece with digital scrolling LED signs to reveal song names. The signs could be quickly reprogrammed each show for different answers. The board was constructed from aluminum and steel with powder coated finishes.

For the final round, Illusion Projects designed and built the countdown clock. Running for one minute, the hand on the clock moved around the digitally printed clock face to show the time remaining. For the last 15 seconds the last quarter of the clock lit up with red LED backlight.

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: 08/2011
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