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Red Bull Flying Illusion

Red Bull Flying Illusion

Red Bull Flying Illusion is the latest show of the internationally successful breakdance Company Flying Steps from Berlin. Eleven of the world’s best dancers – selected from all areas of Urban Dance – meet in a magical battle of warring powers. Flying Heroes perform against Dark Illusions, in a battle of good versus evil. They blur the boundaries between illusion and breathtaking breakdancing. It is the supernatural dancing skills mingle unnoticed with targeted optical illusions that make Red Bull Flying illusion so fascinating.

Illusion Projects collaborated with consultants Don Wayne and Florian Zimmer to create the props and effects for Flying Steps’ new show. The main focus prop of the show was the cage – a large flying prop with performers inside. Illusion Projects designed the cage in CAD from concept drawings supplied by the shows art director. It was fabricated in aluminum with powder-coated finishes. Hydraulic dampers helped the performers to lower the cage sides. Illusion Projects also built the flying box, which was internally illuminated by a remote controlled DMX LED system, and the fan box which featured DC powered spinning fans.

Location: Germany
Date: 07/2013
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