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PIN UP stars PLAYBOY’s 2011 Playmate of the Year® Claire Sinclair and is inspired by the classic pin up calendars from the 1940s, ’50s and ’60s.

Illusion Projects was involved on the show from early concept development and designed and constructed the set, props and illusion elements for the show. The show required the set to be suitable for the various dance sequences of the show plus accommodate the live band.

The set was constructed from steel and aluminum and featured 2 curved ramps leading up to a cross over platform. The platform contained automated chandelier set pieces that telescoped up into place for the finale sequence. In the center of the platform is a mechanical stair unit that expands out for the finale walk down. Within the curve of the ramps sit two round riser discs, which serve as platforms for the band.

The moon prop runs on a hidden track upstage of the cross over platform. The moon unit tracks out unseen then raises up on a custom build hydraulic scissor lift while simultaneously expanding the moon to full high for its reveal with the show’s singer.

To open the show, Illusion Projects constructed a large projection screen prop for a video to life sequence in which items from within the video (Claire’s clothes) are thrown out of the video and become real. A hidden pneumatic system was built to launch the items and controlled with a preprogrammed digital controller inside the prop. The video for the projection was run from a digital video player that took its input cue from the digital controller, ensuring video and physical effects match precisely every show.

The bedroom set was constructed in aluminum with powder-coated finishes; it was designed to detach and store vertically backstage quickly to save space. Digitally printed artwork was used on the plane wing section that tracks onto stage. The witch’s cauldron prop featured over 30 candles with LED flickering flame effect units.

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: 03/2013
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