Creative Design Process

Concept development

The essence of a great idea is based in understanding the context, story and intent. We collaborate with our clients to really understand their mission and share their vision. Ideas are great but only remain as glorious ideas without the knowledge of how to take those ideas all the way to fruition. At Illusion Projects we are passionate about the process. The development of a concept is exciting in itself – for us its fulfilling to share this journey with a client; as we know it’s the first giant step on the journey to creating something wonderful. We are excited by developing concepts that will challenge a guest’s perceptions of what’s possible; ideas that will give an audience that shared experience of amazing live theatre and creative work that can educate and entertain in unique ways. We work with clients who are as excited and energized about new creation; as we are.

Show development

Our team thrives on creating shared experiences for audiences that can only be achieved in live show performance. In a world full of digital content, live human connection in a performance still holds a power that can not be duplicated any other way. Our show development work covers everything from small intimate moments of performance or production to massive live spectaculars creating wonder for thousands of people. We believe in giving audiences a reason to emotionally invest and ‘buy into’ the story of the performance. And that performance can have a lasting effect on the audience- creating enjoyment; provoking thoughts; challenging what they perceive and creating lasting memories.

Illusion Consultation

Creating great magic and illusion is a very specific skillset. Illusion as an art form; has a push/pull relationship with all other elements around it. For a magical effect to truly be great, it has to dictate the environment around it and at the same time, the context, environment and plot drive the development of the magic. Custom illusion creating is not a ‘plug and play’ solution but rather a beautiful intersection of all elements of a production. We’ve been creating illusion effects for a long time, in fact it was the original mission of the company and remains a backbone to our work today. The theory behind how illusions work is now something we apply to many other areas. The psychological techniques of illusion design (without the work being actual magical effects) are part of our thinking when creating brand activations, exhibit installations or even interactive displays.

Production design

Great production design can pull the viewer into a story through visual design alone. Our team of artists and makers a fueled by using visual arts to inspire feelings, thoughts and ideas in an audience. We’ve been thrilled to design full productions for headline shows to spaces and installations for corporate brands.

CAD Design To 3D Rendering To Fabrication Completion

3D CAD rendering

Previsualization is wonderful tool in the design process. Our designers create accurate to-scale 3d renderings to give an accurate feel of the design intent.

Technical Design and engineering

From the outset, a core value of the way our team works is a strong belief that the art and engineering of our work should be a seamless connection. Our designers understand the engineering behind the concepts and our engineers have an artistic flare. This synergy between the design and construction of a piece, allows us to quickly take a project from concept sketches to CAD design and shop-ready data.

Fabrication and installation

Our team excels at taking a project from concept to completion. From the initial concept work, we are already considering the optimum methods for fabrication and installation. ‘how to build it’ is not an after-thought, it’s a foundation principal that runs throughout every project. The result is the ability to deliver projects that strongly maintain the original intent and smoothly translate from the idea to the final physical piece. Ultimately, the final result is what its all about. Ultimately, its all about creating that moment for guests or audiences. When they can be intrigued, amazed, shocked or excited – we have done the work we set out to do. These experiences are the reason we are driven every day to create our best work.