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Wild Magic – Dirk Arthur

Wild Magic – Dirk Arthur

With a thrilling array of spectacular illusions featuring majestic cats, master magician Dirk Arthur presents Dirk Arthur Wild Magic! Performing in the International Westgate Theater. This fast-paced show interweaves comedy with breathtaking big cat magic, beautiful dancers and large-scale effects. Dirk has long been a leading advocate for the preservation of endangered species and for the humane and proper care of all animals.

For the new production Illusion Projects worked from the set designer’s concept drawings to engineer and fabricate the set, rear projection screen frame and kid stage prop. The theater had strict maximum weight limits for the line sets holding each set piece. Using CAD simulation the design was tested before construction began to ensure it would be within the allowed weight for the pipe.

The set was constructed from powder coated steel and brushed aluminum and designed in small sections for easy transport and load-in to the venue. DMX controlled LED lights were recessed around the set edge to light the brushed aluminum finish.

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: 09/2015
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