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The Illusion starring Eun-gyeol Lee

The Illusion starring Eun-gyeol Lee

Eun-gyeol Lee began magic in 1996 and distinguished himself as the first Korean Magician to win the grand prize at F.I.S.M. the international magic competition.

Since then, he has grown as a globally recognized magician and, continually winning large international magic championships raised the status of Korean magic. He is the very person who stirred up a magic boom with strong charisma, immaculate stage manner, and flashy and nimble fingers. He created the genre of magic concert in the world of performance, escaping from the previous magic show and making a new brand of magic concert.

Now “The Illusion” is establishing the culture of illusion magic show in Korea. Continually earning favorable reviews and getting a good press in the various media, it has been a phenomenal success.

This performance is not merely composed of magic but creates an unprecedented genre. By trying new concepts of stage technique and co-work with other genres in art, The Illusion achieves another level of expression.

Illusion Projects has collaborated with Eun-gyeol Lee and The Illusion team to design and develop the main illusion elements for the show. The Dynamic Fire Spiker is based on Mark Kalin’s classic Fire Spiker illusion and given a new style by Eun-gyeol Lee. The prop features high-speed precision roller bearings to guide the flaming spikes down the track into the aluminum constructed box. CNC cut panels with hand painted distressed rust finish create the artistic look of the prop.

The Tree illusion was the most challenging effect in which an 18 foot tree appears on stage. The tree was custom fabricated with bark texture, which was hand created in hard coated foam and artificial silk leaves.

Squeeze Box was built with kind permission from magic legend Andre Kole. Illusion Projects used precision linear bearings for the sliding movement and the prop was entirely fabricated in aluminum with powder coated and hand scenic painted finishes.

Location: Korea
Date: 12/2009 – Present
Magic on Ice
MOB Museum