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Band of Magicians

Band of Magicians

The world’s first magic super group starring James Galea, Nate Staniforth, Justin Flom and Justin Willman, premiered at the Sydney festival in 2014 followed by a 2015 New Zealand tour.

Band of MagiciansBand of Magicians (BoM) are the hottest faces of modern magic; together they have created a show loaded with outstanding illusions, dazzling deceptions and astounding artistry. They’ve packed in crowds across the globe to rave reviews. The chemistry between this awesome foursome is what sets them apart in the magic world. With a healthy dose of competition to keep things interesting, they work together to craft illusions that showcase their magical genius, bringing pure joy to audiences. Featuring the mind-boggling tricks that made each of the magicians famous in their own right, alongside new illusions they have created together, multi-media wizardry and audience interaction (for those who are game!), Band of Magicians is unlike anything you have seen before.

Illusion Projects worked with show creator James Galea to design and fabricate the major illusions for the show.

The Band of Magicians opening appearance featured the 4 stars of the show appearing on a large aluminum version of the show’s logo. The logo was CNC cut from Plexiglas and aluminum using digital files from the shows marketing designer. The platform design was dual purpose as it was also used later in the show for James Galea’s unique piano illusion. James had the concept for the illusion and Illusion Projects was responsible for creating a practical method to achieve the effect as well as engineering and fabricating the prop.

The show finale was the midair vanishes of the 4 magicians. The box was designed and built by Illusion Projects with CAD drawings being sent to Sydney so that the onsite crew would be able to prepare rigging to fly it before the prop even arrived.

Location: World Tour
Location: Australia
Date: 12/2013
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